The heart of Ghosts Welcome – Acoustic fingerstyle guitar

I’m writing about the core aspect of Ghosts Welcome – An acoustic fingerstyle guitar. About why and how it ended to be the main instrument for me and eventually for Ghosts Welcome. And if you ask me – acoustic fingerstyle guitar is the king of all guitars and guitar playing styles.

To make it short, acoustic fingersyle guitar is – in my opinion at least –  incredibly diverse instrument and playing style. It asks and requires lot from a player, but also gives the wonderful outcome for a player who gives time and patience for the craft of acoustic fingerstyle guitar.

At the other hand it’s also a very popular and rather easy instrument to start with and get you going. Obviously it can be used for pretty much any music style one can imagine, including the latest pop hits or olden classics. “Wonderwall” by Oasis is a pretty classic cliche but for a good reason. Such nice song to play with acoustic fingerstyle guitar.


My own history with acoustic fingerstyle guitar

My own history with acoustic guitar started in a pretty usual way. I was around my early teens when I found a one from our house.

It belonged and still belongs to my father and I for some reason figured it could be a fun to be thing to play. I remember it took couple of tries with the acoustic fingerstyle guitar before I finally got into it so much I decided to actually learn to play it.

Even though it was a classical nylon string guitar, I wanted to play punk rock and metal with it and managed to get into a band quite soon later. The band stuff eventually led me more towards the electric guitar but I luckily for now had some patience with acoustic fingerstyle guitar as well.

The local music school

After few years of playing with myself and friends I entered to local music school which that time meant studying and playing classical music. It was an interesting time for me since I was really excited to learn more about acoustic fingerstyle guitar.

The only bad thing with the local music school was that classical music meant nothing to young rocker like me. But I’m happy that I managed to complete the school since it taught me some technical fingerstyle skills that have been in a great use later on.

But the day I graduated from the music school I abandoned the acoustic fingerstyle guitar and rarely even touched it in coming years. That was what classical music and the strict musical rules did for my inspiration.


Traumas healed

It took many years before I even gave an another change for the acoustic fingerstyle guitar again. I was pursuing music career as a electric guitarist mainly in rock and metal music scene.

But it started to feel like an dead end to me because it involved so much stuff with the guitar gear, amps and other non-playing things that I don’t really like so I started to loose interest. All I wanted to do was to play and create music.

And then – I picked up my acoustic fingerstyle guitar again. I don’t know what happened but I understood that you can actually create pretty much all kinds of music with it. I remember what the principal of the local music school once told me: “The acoustic instruments are way more versatile and soulful when compared to electronic instruments after all.” 

I guess it was time to continue my road with the acoustic guitar after all the local music school traumas had healed. And now with a bit older and a wiser with some 10 years of experience from music in general, gigging studio and music business.


So if it didn’t already come up too well I’m currently a big fan of an acoustic fingerstyle guitar. Ghosts Welcome is also mainly about it in different ways.

With acoustic fingerstyle guitar tou can be tough and loud with it, or you can be a lot more traditional, soulful and gently at the same time. Or you can play some technical stuff if you wich, or dirty punk rock for example.

But the most important thing with acoustic fingerstyle guitar is that it’s always very honest. You can easily tell if you lack of focus or you’re not on your sharpest mind.

For me acoustic fingerstyle guitar is a highly waited and fresh thing after so many years spent with electric instruments and today’s high tech music world.

Hear yourself – Here’s a couple of examples. One really soft song theme I’ve been playing around for some time now and one with some old school rock vibes with a punch of distortion.