Is your life outside of songwriting in good balance?

Is your life outside of songwriting in good balance?

One interesting thing you can do for your songwriting today is to have a small break and think about your life outside of songwriting for a while.

What do you see?

Do you work at night or anytime you feel inspired and have a change to write songs? Or are you very strict with your working routines and start songwriting every morning no matter of what. 

Either way, pay a special attention to other stuff outside of writing songs next. 

By this I mean sleeping, working out, spending time with your family etc. stuff that’s important for your wellbeing in general.

I’m pretty sure it’s at least equally important for your songwriting than the actual songwriting. But somehow focusing on general wellbeing it’s just something that many of us forget all the time.


Is your life outside of songwriting in balance?

If you’re like me you’re out of time all the time so you need to schedule and prioritize your days. That’s a pretty demanding task sometimes. 

For some reason sleeping and relaxing are usually the easiest parts of a day one can start cutting down if needed.

That’s probably the worst thing you can do for your songwriting in a long run. Your brains need to deal with all the stuff you’ve done during the day. Science tells that humans need to sleep or the outcome is pretty confusing.

We all know that we need to rest but we still do the opposite. Same thing goes with eating healthy and regularly, comsumption of coffee, nicotine and alcohol, working out enough but not too much etc. 

We all know this stuff but it’s so easy to ignore all of this. It does effect on your songwriting though. 

What do you think?