Songwriting 101 – Online resources, courses, articles – Updated Blog Post

by | Jul 1, 2019

This blog post series is aiming to collect all relevant, important and interesting information about songwriting one could ever need while learning the craft of songwriting. You can consider this blog post as a guide or directory for songwriting resources available.
I’ll be updating this article one post at a time so make sure you bookmark this page and come back soon.


The key here is to understand that I don’t claim here to teach you songwriting. Instead of that I’ll give very extensive pack of resources for you to figure songwriting by yourself. You don’t need to take any expensive songwriting courses or schools to get started with songwriting but you definitely need a skill to find information online for your studies. That’s something you can get started from here.


This blog post is a summary for all songwriting related blog posts I’m writing for this blog serie. Below you can find short summaries of the content and link to actual posts that tell you something very important from songwriting.

Songwriting 101 – Table Of Contents

1. Songwriting basics for beginners (coming soon)
2. How to write a song – Songwriting steps & process (coming soon)
3. Songwriting templates (coming soon)
4. The “Hook Book” – Also known as a songwriting journal (coming soon)
5. Exercises to boost your songwriting (coming soon)
6. Ideas for songwriting (coming soon)
7. Songwriting schools, classes, courses & lessons online (coming soon)
8. Songwriting tools (coming soon)
9. Songwriting apps 2019 (coming soon)
10. Songwriting softwares & programs (coming soon)
11. Songwriting & co-writing online (coming soon)
12. Songwriting help / helper (coming soon)
13. Books about songwriting & songwriters (coming soon)
14. Movies & documentaries about songwriting (coming soon)
15. Prompts & quotes & tips for songwriting (coming soon)