#about-Me | Songwriting Services

Hi, thanks for checking out the songwriting blog. I started collecting my thoughts about songwriting, guitar riffs and other stuff related to music here a few years ago. I didn’t have any plan with my blog – I just wanted to start something new after feeling bored for some time.
After almost 20 years of practicing guitar, writing songs, playing shows and recording it’s been fun and inspiring for me to try share something here. I hope you find new ideas to boost your own songwriting.

This songwriting blog is especially focusing on these topics:

  • How and why I play music and write songs in a way I do.
  • Why some parts in songwriting process are rather easy and why some stuff is still so hard after all these years.


What I do also – Songwriting services:

Co-songwriting:  Are you looking for co-songwriter to write songs with you? I can co-write music with you remotely – free of charge. Read more about co-songwriting!

Session guitarist for hire: Do you have a song or a music project you’d like to get professional guitar tracks recorded? I can help you. Read more about studio guitarist for hire!

Custom guitar riffs: Are you looking for custom guitar riffs for songs, beats or loops? It’s my passion – send me a message! Free of charge. Read more about custom guitar riffs!