Custom guitar riffs for songs, beats & loops

Are you looking for custom guitar riffs for songs, beats or loops? I’m a guitarist and songwriter and I’d love to write guitar riffs for your project – For free of charge. 
So if you’re a music producer & songwriter looking for guitar riffs or loops -> Send me a message now. Describe what kind of stuff you’re looking for and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.
I write many kinds of guitar music and riffs – acoustic and folk tunes, rock riffs and guitar leads. Here are a few examples of my stuff I’ve written for fun.
Songwriting is hard - But we love it anyways

How this custom guitar riffs for songs, beats & and loops service works? What does it cost?

I write and record guitar riffs and samples remotely at my own home studio. All I’m asking is that if tunes I’m part of are published I get my share of songwriting credits as we agree. A link to is also highly appreciated.
I work remotely so I’ll share stuff I write & record for you project via Dropbox. I use Logic Pro X & Studio One for DAW and record my guitars usually with Fractal AX8.

Contact me now!