Welcome, what is Ghosts Welcome?

My name is Ari – I’m a songwriter and Ghosts Welcome is my blog. This is the first post for this blog, but you may be aware of Ghosts Welcome already because of the social media to where I’ve been posting music and other stuff for some good time now. I you haven’t already, go and follow Ghosts Welcome on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.



I create music and blog under the name Ghosts Welcome, which is some sort of a music blog or a permanent one man band project. I decided to form Ghosts Welcome because of few reasons. First of all, I’ve created music almost all of my life, over 20 years now. I felt that forming a project purely solo would be a right thing to do for myself since I want to be free from any restrictions with my music. And that means the need for being free from the usual band stuff: clashing schedules or artistic differences etc. So with Ghosts Welcome is just me and this platform.


Sounds like?

I truly hope that Ghosts Welcome will follow me many years to come. I wish to see it and my songwriting skills grow and see myself also developing during the way. I want to be completely honest for myself finally when creating music, I haven’t always been like that. The music I create with Ghosts Welcome can be anything where my mind, interests and the current skills reach. But obviously I’m not starting from the blank page even this project is not so old yet. During the years with music I have built manners that I follow and which I feel are nowadays part of me. I have developed my own way to handle and perform guitar, my main instrument. I have my own taste for good music. My only real goal for Ghosts Welcome is to stay creative and be inspired until the day I’m done with this.


Northern sounds?

Currently I’m really interested in acoustic music and soundscapes. I’ve always been more into depression and darkness than major scale tunes also. Organic and dark, that’s how I would describe the music I’m working currently. I like to call it Northern sounds. It feels pretty good to me since I’m living pretty north and cold place. Below from here you can find a one song theme that I wrote lately. It’s been evolving towards a completed song piece by piece.  I’m looking forward to record it, perhaps sometime soon. It’s a riff in minor scale of a. It has some nice percussive guitar elements on it that I’ve been lately tried to get familiar with. I hope you enjoy it.